Essay A Doll 's House And Trifles

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It is a known fact that both men and women had different tasks in society. In both plays “A Doll’s House” and “Trifles”, it is obvious how women are not treated as equals by the men. The play “A Doll’s House”, which takes place in a small town in Norway, tells the “happy” life of Nora and her husband, Trovald. Then the other play “Trifles”, which takes place in Nebraska, USA, tells how the men, and the women accompanying them react differently to the life the murder suspect lived. Even though these two plays are in different continents, it is easily noticeable how men look down on women.
In the play “A Doll House”, the reader can have an idea on how some men in the late 1870’s in Norway acted towards women. In the play, the protagonist Nora is thought to be silly, naïve, as well as a spend thrift, by her husband, Torvald. What Nora has not told him is, that she went to a lender when Torvalds was very ill, in order for Torvald to get his health back. Nora is shown to be proud of herself for keeping this secret from her husband. She has nearly paid the lender off by doing small jobs in secret, as well as using whatever is left over from the money her husband gave her for home expenses. The fact that Nora went behind Torvalds to get a loan is a very big deal, because women are not allowed to get loans without their husband’s permission. In that time, women were not allowed to work unless they were widows with nobody to take care of them. The jobs that these women could work…

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