A Doll House By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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Many people have watched movies or shows that are dramatic with blackmail or wanting to gain something back. A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen is one of the many plays that have a dramatic character that are trying to purse their personal desires, but I will be analyzing the roles of the minor characters Mr. Krogstad. By the end of this essay you will know why I am analyzing Krogstad. He is an interesting minor character to analyze. First I have to look at the plot. The narrator first states “A comfortable room, tastefully but not expensively furnished” (784). It suggests that we are in a middle class home. The bell then rings and Nora sees the delivery boy holding the Christmas tree which means it is around Christmas time. Torvald talks to Krogstad about he is mostly like to be fired. Later on in the play we see Krogstad wanting to have a word with Nora about him seeing her husband Torvald walking down the street with someone he might know which was Mrs. Linde who he once knew.
Later in the play Krogstad is speaking to Nora about how she’s is influencing her husband to hire Mrs. Linde and taking away his position but she isn’t. Nora states “But Mr. Krogstad, I have absolutely no influence” (801). Krogstad wants respect in this town coming from the quote “For their sakes, I’ll have to win back as much respect as possible here in town” (802). Shortly after Krogstad says “That’s because you haven’t the will to- but I have the means to make you”. (802) Meaning Krogstad is…

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