A Doll House By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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A Doll House
During 1870’s, the role of women in marriage was a very controversial theme because there was a belief that women were supposed to follow certain duties with her husband and family; furthermore, women did not have many possibilities to depend on themselves, and they utterly depended on men. Henrik Ibsen wrote the play called “A Doll House”, which is a critic toward the models and standards of marriage during this time, and its protagonist, Nora Helmer, represents the situation of many women at this time.
Women had to stick with whatever their husband gave them, and they had to accept the treatment that their husband gave them. At the beginning of the play, Nora is presented as woman who seems to enjoy being her husband’s doll. Nora’s attitude and behavior towards Torvald, her husband, is an attitude of total obedience and submission. She has to follow all the rules that her husband gives her, such as, what she is allowed to eat, the money she can spend, or the way she has to dance, “You know, there isn’t anyone who has your good taste…Torvald, couldn’t you take over and decide what I should be and play my costume?...I can’t get anywhere without your help.”(Ibsen 459,461) Also, she is treated as a little girl, who has to play games in order to obtain whatever she wants.
Mostly women were dedicated to be housewives, and they did not have any source of power in society or their marriages. Nora is a clear example of this type of women because she did not have any…

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