A Dog 's Best Friend Essay

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To most, dogs are considered “man’s best friend,” however, your best friend may not be so friendly to other people. Usually in the rural area, houses are built without fencing; this causes problems to arise from pet owners who cannot keep their pets fenced in. A dog is considered “running at large” when it is not confined or leashed when it is off the owner’s property (“Animal Laws”). Allowing dogs to freely roam the neighborhood without supervision may cause problems for neighbors, the dog owner, and even the dog itself.
Unsupervised dogs disturb other neighbors and cause nuisances. Most dogs are friendly; however, they do not know right from wrong and will do as they please. Because my neighborhood is fairly new, construction sites for new houses remain common. A neighbor’s dog wandered into the hazardous building site behind my house, getting in the way of the workers. The workers attempted to shoo him off, but the persistent and excited dog rushed back to play and inconveniencing the workers. Additionally, during Halloween night, an unrestrained dog chased some neighborhood kids while they went trick-or-treating. Although the dog most likely had innocent intentions to play and meant no harm, the dog frightened them and the kids could have injured themselves. Because the dog’s owner is not present, they cannot keep their dog from troubling their neighbors.
Without owner supervision, dogs will freely leave their wastes that may infect people and even their lawns. While…

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