A Documentary Narrative Of Chief Joseph 's Last Year 's By M. Gidley

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The book I will be analyzing is, Kopet: A Documentary Narrative of Chief Joseph’s Last Year’s by M. Gidley. It was published in 1981 in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. This book is split up into three different sections: 1. Starting Out from the Meany Papers An introduction 2. Chief Joseph of the Nez Peres A chronology 3. White Witnesses to Chief Joseph’s End A Narrative This book discusses the last few years of Chief Joseph’s life, the white people who he knew at that time, and a generalized look into the history of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perces people from 1750 to 1905. It was very interesting how Gidley organized his book, but it was done in a very nice uniformed way that was easy to follow. After reading, it makes sense as to why it was constructed the way it was. This book not only discusses information about Chief Josephs last years but also the white men that were there with him and Meany. These are the white men that Gidley mentions to have known Chief Joseph and Meany. Albert M. Anderson (1862 – 1928) was a businessman and an Indian Agent, and Edward S. Curtis (1868 – 1952) took photos and in1895 started taking pictures of local Indians (Gidley 1981). Curtis met Chief Joseph in 1903 and started collecting pictures of the Nez Perces in1905. Edward H. Latham (1845- 1928) was a physician and photographer and appointed physician in 1890 on the Colville Reservation in the Nespelem quarter (Gidley 1981). Edward S. Meany…

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