A Doctor Who Treats Violence Essay

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A Doctor Who Treats Violence (Ch. 9)
Martavia Lambert and Anthony Brown both grown up in the slums, were married for two years with children, and and they had a very abusive and unhealthy relationship.
Lambert killed Brown during a fight one night, they were one out of three murders that night.
Crime and violence cause a lot of economic problems. Early interventions are expensive, but they become more difficult to deal with later in life.
Disease specialist for tuberculosis, Dr. Gary Slutkin, initially started in Chicago in hope to reduce the amount of murders in dangerous areas, but then moved to Somalia to work on tuberculosis there. There was sadly a cholera outbreak soon after he arrived though.
For a decade Slutkin worked on infectious disease in Africa, then finally moved back to Chicago.
While in Chicago, he figured out he was looked at the crime out break the wrong way. Instead of looking at it only like a moral problem or criminal issue, he started looking at it like a disease epidemic.
People exposed to the “disease” (violence) are more likely to “catch the disease” (become violet)
With diseases, he tried to stop them before they spread, so he wanted to apply that to Chicago violence with a nonprofit organization called Cure Violence.
Slutkin hired “violence interrupters,” one of them being China Joe, and went to the block that had the most homicides.
China Joe had girl dress up to get the drug lords attention and once they began dating them, they 'd tell (once of…

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