A Diverse Student Population : Skagit Valley College Essay

1109 Words May 28th, 2016 null Page
A diverse student population is Skagit Valley College’s number one strength. I have met many people of different backgrounds. The College serves Skagit, Island and San Juan counties and so service members bring their families from other parts of the United States and that contributes to this diversity in people’s geographic background that the College has. I am an example of this strength as an enrolled student, relocated from a different part of the country to Washington State on military orders. In deciding on higher education options, the College was the nearest and most accessible.
Secondly, the College is uniquely located near a military installation and is a significant strength because the military is one of the largest employers around the Counties that the school serves. Also, military members have a variety of Occupational Specialties, from administrative types to technical fields and so the courses offered by Skagit Valley College are attractive to military students. The Whidbey Campus in Oak Harbor is close to the Navy’s Seaplane Base which makes it convenient for military students and their families to enroll is a great strength, because they are transient people who are stationed there for a couple of years to earn education credits while they serve. The combination of online and physical classroom teaching is adopted which helps part time students like myself. Distance learning has become very convenient teaching method but the benefit of hands-on…

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