Essay about A Distinction Between Lawful And Ethical Behavior

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Firstly, I have to state that we have to make a distinction between lawful and ethical behavior. As stated in Bloomberg:
To be fully human and be a part of civilized society means to go beyond what the law demands of us. It means to live according to ethical rules and principles, many of which ask more of us than the law does. The answer to "What should I do?" should therefore not be, "What can I get away with legally?" but "What does ethics ask or even require of me?" (Weinstein, B., 2007, para. 13)
Apparently, peoples behavior boils down to their ethical standards and the willingness to obey the law. Return policies are created to satisfy customers that are not happy with the products that they have purchased, not to rent items for free. Retailers assumption is that most of their customers behave ethically and it is one of the reason why such return policies can exist. Can you imagine everybody behaving like Amy Martin? Would it be a good business for the retailers? Of course not. They would be literally making no money. I 'm pretty sure that the retailers don 't value customers that are behaving the way Amy does. Frankly, if this behavior was provable, the retailers would probably ban a client like that. Fortunately, the majority of the customers behave ethically and the policies can stay in place for the clients with better ethical standards. People like Amy will always exist to take the advantage of the system, but as long as there isn 't too many of them, the system…

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