A Discussion On Nirvana, It Is Imperative Essay examples

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To begin the discussion on Nirvana, it is imperative to first define the word. According to Merriam Webster , the word Nirvana is defined as a place or state of oblivion to care, pain, or external reality. In today’s society, we see this word being used in daily conversation. It is used to describe something of complete bliss. In the Buddhist religion, the word has much different context. To Buddhists, reaching Nirvana, enlightenment, is the the only way to end suffering. It is the only way to stop rebirth, also called samsara. This state is a moment of insight that provides cessation of all negative mental states.
Siddhartha Gautama, also known as The Buddha, helped to establish the Buddhism ways . He lived to his early twenties without any real view of the outside world. He was kept inside and anytime he went outside, his father would have the perimeter cleaned so that he would not see any suffering. Siddhartha had his charioteer take him around and he saw real pain and suffering. He then decided to find a way to end all of that. He only had small amounts of rice and water. All of his time was spent meditating. It was after this that Siddhartha came up with the idea of the middle way, which will be discussed later.
The ultimate question is how is Nirvana achieved. Put simply, the way to nirvana is to understand the Four Noble Truths and follow the Eight-fold Path. There is much due diligence and understanding that comes with this goal. When the Buddha achieved…

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