A Discussion Of The Levels Of Conflict Essay

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1. Beginning with a discussion of the levels of analysis of conflict, identify the main empirical factors that contribute to international conflict according to Quackenbush. Also, discuss how the political aspect of war (Gray and Clausewitz) interacts with these factors to produce volatility in the international system. Discuss two wars of your choice within this context, identifying how each empirical factor played a role as well as the political nature of the onset and termination of the wars.

There are many levels or ways to classify war and international conflict. There is interstate war where it is a fight between two or more countries where at least one thousand battle deaths occur. There are extrastate wars where a state fights a war outside of its borders against a nonstate actor. With extrastate wars, there are two types of this conflict, there are colonial and imperial. Colonial is when there is a conflict with a colony and imperial is when there is a conflict with a state versus a nonstate. There are intrastate wars, this occurs between state and nonstate actors within the territory of a state. In intrastate wars there are civil wars, regional internal wars and also intercommunal wars. Theses wars happen inside the border of a state but does not involve the government as a participant. Additionally, there are nonstate wars, these involve nonstate actors fighting each other outside of a particular state’s border and no state is involved. These…

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