A Discussion Of The Black Market And Its Illicit Organ Distribution

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In recent years there has been a discussion of the black market and its illicit organ distribution. Either by trade, sale or illegal stealing organs its effects have become widespread in from afar in foreign countries all the way to America. The effects deeply affecting so many people who give into the hype of sacrificing self or others for payoffs and the benefit do not equal to the value or accommodations which are promised. What’s happening in foreign countries affects the world and beyond because trends set standards not just where they begin, but if sounds good and looks good, why not others benefit. One in particular, which is causing such a trend in the world is the selling of organs for money prices, which never in a million years will equal to human life. The game is to prey on the weak and poor and give an illusion that if you do this and sacrifice an organ, promises of idolization of things or monetary value is the hook. When a person is prey upon because of financial status or poverty stricken the attraction is far greater for the seeker and the challenge is desirable as the organ. What causes a poverty stricken person to decide to sell, trade, or donate an organ and to a complete stranger only the value of money.
To begin with, the poor is looking for a way out and if the only way is to sell something of value and one can live without or adjust and make money at the same time, then why not. The root of it all begins with the black market, which is…

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