A Discussion Of The Banner Health Information Breach Essay

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Cause and Effect: A Discussion of the Banner Health Information Breach
Most people have received notification that some form of payment information has been compromised in some way. This is very common in today’s digital age. What about your personal health information? If any institution should be equipped to keep personal information safe it is a hospital. The following will describe a recent breach of information at Banner Health and discuss the consequences of that breach and how something similar might be avoided.
Banner Health is a large nonprofit organization based out of Phoenix, Arizona that consists of over 50,000 people employed at 29 hospitals across seven states. The organization has received awards for Top 5 Large Health System by Truven Analytics (Banner Health, 2016a).
On August 3, 2016 Banner Health announced that there had been a breach of personal information affecting 3.7 million customers and employees from various Banner Health locations. Banner Health stated that on July 7, 2016 it had come to their attention that there had been a possible information breach limited to payment card data used at food venders within Banner Health institutions. However, on July 13, 2016 it was also discovered that personal health information from patients and employees had been compromised as well (Banner Health, 2016b).
Payment card data “including cardholder name, card number, expiration date and internal verification code” (Banner Health, 2016b) used between June…

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