A Discussion Board : Mentor Essay

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Howley Discussion Board: Mentor
This week 's discussion board will focus on the type of mentor I would like to work with at some future point. I would you like this mentor to possess qualities I find to be important like; sharing a vision, modeling the way, and becoming a transformational leader. I would like to work with a transformational leader. Transformational leaders, through the creation of an empowered workplace, encourage creativity and critical thinking (Gokenbach, 2014). I had the privilege of working with a mentor that most can only dream about happening. She framed me into the nurse I am today. I hope to surround myself with leaders like her in the future. It would be amazing if she were around to mentor me in how to make a transformational change in the leadership model I find myself in currently.
Ideal mentor
I was blessed to work in a facility where the Chief Nursing Officer was an icon in the nursing field. I worked as a nursing student and then was hired at this hospital. I worked in medical, surgical telemetry and then in the Emergency Room. When I was staff on the floor, I practiced primary nursing as it is in the textbooks. I had one to two patients, followed them admission to discharge, planned discharged, got to know families, and corroborated with primary care. The hospital only hired nurses with a bachelor 's degree or higher. The increased accountability and higher level of education it demanded were linked to a decline in patient mortality and…

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