A Discussion About Public Education Essay

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In a discussion about the paradigms of public education, Ken Burns addresses the controversial topic of cultural education. Public education is experiencing a time of confusion in helping children develop cultural identity so the new generation can continue to play an important role in globalization. This confusion causes an immediate reaction: continue to do what has been done in the past--instruct children to work hard, do well, and earn a college degree, then they will get a job. Many would argue that this philosophy helped the older generation be successful in their educational and post-educational careers, so it should not be changed; however, in the words of Ken Burns, “the problem is that the current system of education was designed and conceived and structured for a different age.” This end of the spectrum argues that children today have lost their motivation to go to school because a degree, although preferable, no longer guarantees a job, so why impress on them to work hard for a college degree? No light appears to be at the end of the tunnel in this situation. In short, the issue at hand states that public education should not stress working hard for a college degree.

In my view, change needs to happen. Ken Burns positions himself in disagreeance with the those that say public education should continue preaching the same story told in the past, and I share his position. Though I concede that it is difficult to transition to new procedures, I still…

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