A Discussion About How Therapy And Schooling Essay

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The discussion about how therapy and schooling are used in conjunction with each other is often found to be difficult to assess. Legally schools are require to provide services to not only develop students’ academic needs, but also the social and emotional aspects of students as well (CASEL, 2016). Schools are often provided with the challenge of developing a system which holistically supports children in all aspects of their personhood. Rigorous curriculum are necessary as state testing and other such requirements are tied to overall funding of the school (Spann, 2015).
As such, time has become a factor which creates difficulties in providing all the necessary services to students. Recess and other programs have been reduced in order to spend more time with academic skills development (Perryman, 2015). The realities of the school system, and the individuals who work for them, bring up ethical issues of what services are being cut to make room for academic study (Perryman, 2015).
Counselors, principals, teachers, and school psychologists are required to fulfil standards which time may not allow, or worse, be available. At what risk are student’s social and emotional well-being suffering due to lack of therapeutic resources? This issue, though not new, has been discussed at length, and the realities of this situation have become more prevalent as school counseling positions are being uses for more than just counseling (Astramovich, Hoskins, Gutierrez, & Bartlett,…

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