A Different Mirror By Ronald Takaki Essay

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In Ronald Takaki’s, A Different Mirror, he provides readers with insights about the racial and ethnic diversity of the United States and how those differences impacted the country. Each chapter has a “master narrative” either an immigrant or people from America that just landed there. It’s interesting to see what certain groups have gone through to come to America or what they experienced in the developing nation. Some of the groups such as Native Americans had a rough time when the American settlers started to push them off their land and so on. In chapter 4 the main idea or message were to the Native Americans that they should adapt or face extermination. That was the main problem for the native American’s during that time, the Americans would say they would allow the natives to have land at times but then suddenly go back on there word and push them off. In the beginning of the chapter it started with President Jefferson advising Andrew Jackson to encourage the Native Americans to become farmers but eventually took their land. After he personally negotiated the Chickasaw treaty he then opened the area in Mississippi to white settlers in 1814. Then Jackson brought American troops in to fight against a tribe known as the Creeks. He called the Creeks, “’savage bloodhounds and blood thirsty barbarians”’(Tamaki 80). In the end of the war, Jackson and his troops won said the reason they destroyed the Indians was the fact they, “Were advancing civilization and…

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