A Development Overview And Its Environment Essay

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Play: A Development Overview and Its Environment
Thinking about the various theories that exist when discussing play can differ in many ways according to the theorist and their point of view. A brief summary will provide the examples of kinds of play in these theories and how they contribute to the developmentally appropriate practice of a child. Then we will determine the numerous influences that support the many impacts play has on early childhood learning and development. Next, give several characteristics which can provide a play environment that is beneficial to a child. Finally, discuss the number of elements that contribute toward an encouraging play atmosphere through scholastic contexts. A summary of the information will provide an overall understanding of how play impacts a child and their future learning.
Overview of Theories and Research
There are four theories and play that are stated in the book “Children’s Play” they are Psychoanalytic, Cognitive-Developmental, Cultural-Ecological, Evolutionary and Comparative. The first theory is the Psychoanalytic; the main focus is on assisting children who are in need of controlling their feelings. Theorists work with trying to find out what the child is struggling with and how they can use play to control those feelings. In this theory feelings are the main emphasis in the viewpoint on play. The second theory is the Cognitive-Developmental; include the child development in object permanence, three stages of play, and…

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