A Description of the Learning Organisation Within the a&E Department

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The concept of a learning organization knows its roots back to Garratt in 1987, which later on in the late 90’s was revived by Peter Senge. Senge (1990) focuses on the organization acting as a unit where innovative ideas are generated and common goals are reached. Collective commitment of the team is fundamental. Furthermore, according to Senge (1990), the organization must go through 5 domains in order to reach the productivity of a learning organization: systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, building shared vision and team learning.
Therefore it is clear that organizational learning goes beyond knowledge. This notion involves the process of action and reflection (Carroll & Edmondson, 2002) or action learning (Revans,
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A&E nurses must book their leave three months ahead and may still not find the days they want. Not only this, but continuing education is also made difficult with this matter. Despite the fact that there are opportunities for nurses to continue learning, such as continuous professional development program, many are the times when staff is unable to attend. This again is due to the workload present. This leads to frustration amongst staff and has also been a source of clashes between management and staff.
Therefore, the management of issues like these does not call for a one-man show. As Dowd, 1999, states, leaders in a learning organization go beyond the traditional leader – leaders should be ready to work on the floor with other nurses and be able to critically teach others. Leadership roles should be dispersed through the organization, at different levels. Human resource management should be there whilst nurses work in this ‘unstable’ environment. There should be a relationship between such leaders and staff to help build trust. Patient’s complaints should be taken into consideration to help create innovative approaches (Gunn, 2001). Staff should learn to look at complaints objectively and find support from others. Staff meetings, including managers should be organized to give voice to staff. Currently the Emergency Nurses Union is projecting

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