A Description Of Interpersonal Communication: Responses To Sugar Cookies

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Part A: Description of Interaction

In March, I received a text from my younger sister, Livy asking, “What are you doing tomorrow?” I replied “Nothing”, she asked, “Can you please make some cookies”. I agreed and requested that she pay for ingredients. She suggested I “Ask mum, they’re for fam (family) picnic”, then “here are some recipes”, “pick any” with hyperlinks to Sugar Cookie recipes. I told mum and she proposed I use ingredients in the pantry, as we were moving house. I had no further discussions about the cookies. The next day I made the cookies. After completing the first batch I sent a Snapchat to show Livy. She asked what type of biscuit they were; I replied “chunky ones”. Later I got a phone call from her during lunchtime asking why they weren’t Sugar Cookies like she had requested. She explained that they had to be Sugar Cookies because she was running a stall where children could decorate Cookies. I argued that she hadn’t given me that information and that it was too late because I didn’t want to make any more. I suggested that perhaps she might make the new batch; she then informed me that she had late
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In this process, meaning is co-created as the individuals adjust their language and physical cues to better relay their message (Hargie, 2010). To further understand the process, interpersonal communication can be broken down into five simplified principles; interpersonal communication has a purpose, is continuous, is transactional, is relational, and is irreversible (Verderber, Verderber & Berryman-Fink, 2007). In the interaction between my sister and I, there was a fault in the transactional processes, which lead to an action that produced an unintended outcome. This essay will analyse how the above miscommunication happened in terms of the context and relationship dimensions, the impact of communication between siblings, and the creation of meaning through

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