A Democratic Society Is Equality For All Essay

1495 Words Mar 16th, 2015 6 Pages
One of the most integral elements of a just, democratic society is equality for all. In any facet of life, every individual should have an opportunity to strive and succeed, alongside every other. Unfortunately, humanity’s perilous past consisted of rigid discrimination of certain human beings based on their differences. One of the most prevalent forms of inequality has created a substantial divide between the two halves of the population; the men and the women. Even with the progress that the western world is making towards gender equality today, the workforce is still a glaring example of pressing gender inequality. However, a newly proposed quota put forth by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan suggests that every firm on the TSX be required to have at least three women on its board. If implemented across the business landscape, I believe this type of quota would create new opportunities for capable, hard-working women as it would force businesses to readjust their focus when hiring employees. Ultimately, it could influence a substantial paradigm shift in the workforce, and cement gender equality within society for good.
[2] First off, the quota embodies the positive features of the three different types of feminism. While none of the types are perfect, they each emphasize certain legitimate elements of feminism. In terms of equality feminism, some people may believe that the quota demonstrates the flawed aspects of this type; if they are ignoring the differences between…

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