A Democratic Country Its Presidency Essay

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In a democratic country its presidency is guaranteed to change every five years and along with it the Government brings various changes in its laws and taxes. Changes in any law in these countries can have an adverse impact on a company’s range of operations and marketing strategies. “Political systems vary between countries and often shape what managers can and cannot do.” (Boddy 2008). Hence the government implement policies that can help benefit their domestic organisations from competing internationally.
The solution to this could be achieved if the company regularly invests in monitoring, evaluating and analysing the legislations that have been changed by the Government to ensure that the company’s standards and policies are well perceived within the law. The company must be able to amend their policies in accordance with ever changing laws in order to ensure the marketability of their products.
Our recommendation is to research on countries where their laws would not adversely affect the company policies. Therefore it is worthwhile for the company to set up its business in countries such as UK where tax can be deducted in order to encourage their business strategies. This instance can be illustrated as Johnson Matthey receives tax credit by the UK government, as their research and development team (R&D) create and export products from and within the UK.


Global economic downfall or global recession would aid in the downfall of the company. “Competition…

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