A Defense Of Abortion By Thomson Essay

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In ‘A Defense of Abortion’, Thomson argues for the fact that there are certain cases where abortion is permissible and certain cases where abortion is impermissible. Thomson starts her argument by explaining that people contemplate their views on abortion by trying to determine a specific time period of when a fetus is considered a human being – some believe this is at contraception and others believe this is at birth. Whatever the case, Thomson uses an analogy of an acorn to demonstrate a pro-choice view. She relates that the development of an acorn into an oak tree does in fact not mean that acorns are oak trees. Much like how we cannot say that a recently fertilized egg is a human being. Thomson tells us these arguments are called “slippery slope” arguments. Thomson believes that there is no precise time period where the fetus becomes a human being during development or that a fetus is a person from the moment of contraception but she widely agrees that a fetus is definitely a person before birth. Supporters of pro-life would agree that a mother has a right to choose what happens to her body but they also believe that a person’s right to life is stronger than any mother’s right to decide what happens in and to her body. Thomson continues on by presenting us with eight arguments pertaining to different views on abortion. The first view she explains is the extreme view. It is a rare view today for the main reason that it does not see abortion as permissive in any cases.…

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