A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Thomson Essay examples

1865 Words Aug 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Judith Thomson, in “A Defense of Abortion”, argues her thoughts towards abortion, by using forms of analogies and acknowledges the right to life a fetus has, but also argues that the unborn baby’s right to life does not over ride the pregnant women’s right to make choices and have control over her body. There will be analogy examples in which there are different stated scenarios of a pregnant woman where you will find yourself comparing the scene to an analogy. In order, to justify whether an abortion can be performed or not under certain exceptions varying on the conditions. Thompson’s arguments about abortion deal with the status of being a person of the fetus and, in addition, those who oppose towards abortion spend most of their time trying to establish that a fetus is a person and why abortion is morally permissible and how it can be justified in many circumstances such as raped or unplanned pregnancy. The unborn baby’s right to life falls into different positions, where it’s viewed that a fetus has much more of a right when having no past yet because it has not lived yet. Where as, when the fetus is born then it begins to have the first steps to life and more developments arising. A woman can be morally justified to perform an abortion despite the differences of others; if she gives her consent then she has the acceptance to do what she wants with her body. Therefore, a pregnant woman can act towards an abortion under given circumstances because she has a right to…

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