A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jevis Essay

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In the article titled “A Defense of Abortion” published in 1971 in Wilby, author Judith Jevis Thomson strongly supports the idea of abortion. Thomson believes that abortion should not be considered immoral and every woman should be able to decide what she wants to do with her body. Thomson supports her arguments by using examples comparing the life of a fetus inside the mother’s womb to the life of a violinist without kidneys. Author John T. Noonan argues against abortion in his article titled “An Almost Absolute Value in History published in 1970 in The Morality of Abortion: Legal and Historical Perspectives. Noonan points out that the life of a fetus depends on the love and care of the mother. He makes his point by providing many logical statistics. On the other hand, both authors believe that a fetus deserves a right to live.
In her article, Thomson begins by making her point that a fetus is not considered a human from the start of conception. She starts off by adding John Noonan’s opposite argument and begins to bring some examples and thoughts defending her idea and contradicting what the opposite side believes. Noonan and his supporters believe that a fetus is considered a human the moment it begins to form and grow in the mother’s womb. Thomson on the other side contradicts Noonan’s idea by saying that the idea of a fetus being human lacks support and there is not sufficient reasonable evidence to make that claim. In the article Thomson (1971) acknowledged that…

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