A Deeper Focus On Michael Jackson Essay

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Entry 14: This entry will focus on the scandals associated with stardom, and will transition into a deeper focus on Michael Jackson. Stars have two selves that are developed and manipulated over time. They have the ego-ideal and the ideal-ego. Each encompassing a different mindset and goal. The ideal ego is what is portrayed to the media ideally. There is a certain persona that is expected of stars and this ideal-ego is supposed to achieve that. For example, Britney Spears experienced a troublesome contradiction between her ego-ideal and ideal-ego. Back in 2007, she publically went through a rough time in her life. Something that would be mildly gossiped about and brushed off, if she were a regular person. This is the case because regular people can freely express themselves in ways that stars cannot. Britney’s ego-ideal took the forefront in this time of her life, mainly because this was her true self. The inner self that had been fighting for attention behind the shadows of the ideal-ego.
This fight between the two selves leads many stars into self-confusion and narcissism. For many it is hard to imagine creating a balance between the two. However, there are some cases in which this is achieved, or at least to a certain extent. Lady Gaga is a great example of a star that has been able to manage the struggle between the ego-ideal and ideal-ego. She has been able to do this because, as mentioned in previous entries, she controls what is revealed to the media. With her…

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