Essay A Decription Of ' Lady Lazarus ' By Sylvia Plath

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A Decription of “Lady Lazarus” by Sylvia Plath

The narrator starts off by stating that she has "done it again." But what is “it.” Why does she do this “every ten years?” She believes that she is a walking miracle with her right foot as a "paperweight," and her face fine like a "Jew Linen". She asks some unknown enemy to unpeel the napkin away from her face, and asks if he is terrified by fer facial features. She promises him her "sour breath" will go away in a day. After having been sent to the grave, only then she believes that her flesh will be re installed to her face and that then she will be a smiling, 30 year-old woman. Every 10 years, she says she dies and that she is able to die like a cat who has nine lives, and that this was her third death. After every death, a "peanut-crunching crowd shoves in” to watch her body as it is unwrapped. She is on display now for the world to see, “the big strip tease, Gentlemen, ladies,” shows them that she still remains skin and bone, “I am the same, identical, woman.”

The primary death happened when she was ten by accident. The second time she died was on purpose and she did not intend to come back from it. Instead, she was as "shut as a seashell" emotionally and physically from the world until she was called by people who had to pick the worms off of her dying corpse. She thinks that "Dying, Is an art, like everything else," and that she does it “exceptionally well” because every time, "it feels real," and gets easier and easier…

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