Essay about A Day That Marks The Progression Of Our Nation 's Military

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Operation Enduring PMS
January 24, 2013 is a day that marks the progression of our nation’s military to one of gender equality. Women are now allowed to compete for combat roles alongside men. In fact, two women have completed the Army Ranger course at Fort Benning. This is one of the hardest courses to complete in the Army. Ranger students conduct about 20 hours of training per day, while consuming two or fewer meals daily totaling about 2,200 calories, with an average of 3.5 hours of sleep a day. Students sleep more before a parachute jump for safety considerations. Ranger students typically wear and carry some 65–90 pounds of weapons, equipment, and training ammunition while patrolling more than 200 miles throughout the course. However, no women have completed the Marine Infantry Officer Course. The 86-day course is called the corps’ most demanding school by its instructors and is intended to screen and train potential infantry officers. Its students are volunteers selected from lieutenants who have completed Officer Candidates School and the six-month Basic Officer Course, which trains all Marine lieutenants to lead provisional infantry platoons and in leadership, tactics, fitness and weapons.
The military has until January 2016 to implement women into combat roles. These women must meet the same standards as their male counterparts in order to pass successfully. If the numbers are not high enough for the politicians in Washington, the military must provide proof as to…

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