A Day That I Will Remember Forever Essay

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June 4, 2010, is a day that I will remember forever; it’s a day that taught me to never take life, family, or friends for granted because you never know when something unexpected, bad or good, will happen and impact your life forever. The day started just like every day has for the past month. We started practicing basketball early that morning, with the same routine as always: stretching, running, layups, and splitting up into two teams and playing against each other. Our coach, Coach Joey, was hollering at us as usual to “hustle” or “fight for the ball”. Everyone was giving it their all during practice. We finally got our first water break, we usually only got one or two during practice. My best friend Rachel was complaining about being kind of light headed and having a headache, which this wasn’t very unusual, she has headaches majority of the time. I told Rachel to tell Coach Joey that she wasn’t feeling good, mostly because she would have to sit out and I didn’t want to guard her, she was a tough person to guard, but she would not tell him, she said she was fine. The team went on with practice, more scrimmaging and a whole lot of running. The event that changed her and the people around her life’s forever happened about half way through practice. We were running up and down the court, blue vs. white team, the blue team turned the ball over to the white team and we were heading back down the court when all of a sudden Rachel collapsed.
We were all crowded around her…

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