A Day That Changed My Life Essay

1359 Words Dec 6th, 2016 6 Pages
I am living a life where there is something that will always haunt me. It leaves me horrified every time I look down a road or if I see people on bikes. It’s a day that is so real to me, leaving me terrified. It’s a day that took my soul away, leaving me with no light to spare, looking for a way to get out. Nine years ago was a day that changed my life completely. It happened on an evening in June, just as the sun was setting, outside on top of the hill just right down the road from my house. I was very dare devilish when I was young; I did anything that was impossible and made it possible, but this day killed my every will to want, have, especially to do devilish things again. This day changed me for the better, putting fear into my eyes.
I was just a kid, riding the streets on my purple bike. It wasn’t just any old bike; this bike was my life. I rode on it every day like it was no body’s business, feeling the luscious wind blowing through my hair and feeling the soft breeze on my skin. I felt like I was on top of the world, until his horrendous day happened. It was like any other day and the sun was setting and the street lights were on. Silence roamed the streets, trees were still and even the monkeys from the zoo stopped howling. I was playing with my sisters, Kerri and Jada riding our bikes, having a good old time. Laughing and playing around my head turned for a second noticing a hill. As I was looking up at the dark, rocky hill an idea popped in to my head. It was…

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