A Day People Learn New Facts Essay

1106 Words Oct 15th, 2015 null Page
Every day people learn new facts. These facts can be happy, but on the flip side they can also be scary and malicious. Therefore, because of the anxiety and complexities of an overwhelming world, rumors originate. Just last week, my own grandmother was a victim to one of these rumors. After answering the phone, it was clear there was something big weighing on her mind. The first words out of her mouth were “you will never believe what I just heard!” Now, anyone that knows my grandmother knows she has a bit of a flare for the dramatics, but of course, those eight words hold the power over every single human being who has an ounce of curiosity. Finally, after a thirty minute phone call we were able to reward ourselves with the fact we now knew the unrealistic big news! It turns out Big Grandma heard from her best friend Ruth, who heard from her daughter, who heard from her ex-boyfriend, that all elderly members of society were now going to be required to have a dog. These so called dogs had the power to sense if death was knocking at the door, but my dear grandmother is allergic to dogs. Therefore, this silly rumor, not only filled my 73-year-old grandma with fear and anxiety, but because of these provocative traits, she felt the need to spread this atrocity. As outrageous as my grandmother’s story may seem, it stands to reiterate the truth; rumors emerge from a source of an overwhelming world. When asked the question why rumors spread, the topic is open to a…

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