Essay about A Day On The Western Front

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1. In the second half of All Quiet on the Western Front, the soldiers return to the front after rumours of an attack. They are caught under heavy fire and their company of 150 men is reduced to only 32. Moreover, one of Paul’s friends, Haie Westhus, is killed after being stabbed during the attack. Paul is given a seventeen day vacation and upon his return home, he discovers that his mother has been diagnosed with cancer. He returns to the front once again where he is informed that they will be moved to Russia. While stationed there, Kat, Müller and leer are killed; Paul’s death comes soon after on October 18 1918, a quiet day on the western front. The characters involved in the novel are Franz Kemmerich, Leer, Müller, Mittelstaedt and Albert Kropp who were Paul’s classmates and enrolled together. Katczinsky and Tjaden become Paul’s friends as they are assigned to the same company. Additionally, Kantorek is Paul’s teacher who persuaded Paul and his friends to enlist in the war, Himmeltoss is their training officer who treated them harshly and lastly, Paul Baumer, the narrator, is the main character.
a. “Then at last I stand before the brown door with its worn latch and my hand grows heavy….For a moment I am shy and lower my head, then I take off my helmet and look up. Yes, it is my eldest sister. ‘Paul,’ she cries, ‘Paul-‘ I nod, my pack bumps against the banisters; my rifle is so heavy. She pulls a door open and calls: ‘Mother, mother, Paul is here.’ I can go no…

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