Essay on A Day Of Infamy : The Crash And Collapse Of The Towers

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September 11, 2001, will go down in history as a day of infamy. The day started as any other day with the Twin Towers standing in the New York skyline. At 8:45 a.m. on that Tuesday morning, an American Airlines Boeing 767 that had been hijacked by Islamic terrorists crashed into the North Tower. Eighteen minutes after the first crash, a United Airlines plane took a sharp turn and crashed into the South Tower. At 9:45 a.m. as everyone was watching the events unfold in New York, American Airlines Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. 15 minutes after the attack on the Pentagon, the South Tower collapsed from the heat caused by the burning jet fuel. At 10:30 the North Tower collapsed. About 3,000 people, including 343 Firefighters, 23 New York City Police Officers, and 37 Port Authorities, were killed during the crash and collapse of the Towers. The people of America stopped what they were doing for two hours to watch, worry, and mourn. These five images portray the tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001, and the horrific effects they had for America. The first picture was taken right after one of the towers was hit. The top of the tower is engulfed in smoke and flames. The photo looks like it was taken by a bystander. The perspective of the photo shows that it was taken far enough away that all you can really do is feel fear for the people stuck inside the towers. The image uses conceptual representation to show a situation, a moment in time when…

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