A Day Leader Is A Reality Show That Seeks The Best Young Leaders

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This Wednesday we’re crushing on South Africa’s next big thing, Ludwekazi Ndlazi (24) who made it to the One Day Leader Season 4, Top 6. One day leader is a reality show that seeks the best young leaders and puts their leadership skills and abilities to the test. Ndlazi who hails from uMthatha was adopted by KZN-Durban. “I grew up in a very warm home, loving parents, who are my everything and amazing four siblings who are literally a part of me. I am naturally an introvert hence my love for writing. I believe in entrepreneurship and formal education, this is why I graduated and obtained a business related qualification. I absolutely love reading. I strive for greatness, that’s what keeps me going. Inspiration and motivation fuels my system. I want more.”

1. Describe your normal day?
My most recent normal day is centred on One Day Leader. It all starts off with the usual routine getting ready. I have breakfast. From there it’s working on tasks for the show- meetings. Then it’s driving the #TeamLudwekaziNdlazi Campaign. In the afternoon it’s more reading- updating myself on what’s going on in the world. Working on other community projects in between. I normally sum up my day when I prepare dinner then after it’s a read, bed and ready for the next day.

2. At which point in your life did you decide to do what you do?

Community engagement? Straight out of high school and I never stopped. Before One Day Leader, I worked at Africa’s most innovative bank (finance being…

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