Personal Essay: The Responsibility Of My Dog

On a young day, I learned responsibility in the most amazing way possible. The start of the day became a wonder, as I saw something different while eating breakfast. I went to ask my mom some questions. She vaguely answered them, and the day went on normal as any other summer day. When my dad got home, he was carrying a tiny cage. After this the family gathered around him to see what he had brought. Following this he opened the cage for a small dog to greet my family. Then my father pulled me to the side, and began to give a small speech about trust and responsibility. From there on in, I knew in the back of my mind taking care of this pup was going to be hard work.
My new dog brought my family and friends closer in the long run. It created situations where I had to take control and prevent the puppy from getting hurt. I believe my mother loved the dog the most, but when she saw me playing with the dog, it brought a huge smile to her face. Even to this day, when I go to pet the dog it brings a tear to her eye, knowing this dog makes me happy. It made my mom happy, and me also.
What I love most about my dog are the small things. She is the most playful puppy I have ever seen. She would bite my toes every time she wanted to play or go outside. My dog also loved to play in the
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I wouldn’t have learned to be as grateful for having my dog in my life as I am now. Every now and then, it takes a small event to open opportunities for people around us. I created friendships off this event and will continue. Everyone learns trust the hard way or the easy way. Thankfully I learned it though the easy way as people should. Life comes fast and people should be ready for it. Treat the things around you like you would be treated. If this happened everyone’s lives will become a lot

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