Essay on A Day At The World

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Imagine a world where civilization constantly walks the streets, looking down in their hands they hold tiny screens that hold the world. They follow in the same line and routine as the day before like they were in 3rd grade playing follow the leader. Working 50+ hour weeks in small boxes with crowded spaces while the phone rings for the 100th time in the next box over while the boss yells down the hall about company deadlines. Focus on the constant sound of clicking from keyboards, the stench of someone else’s lunch, and the growing migraine from staring at a large screen while shifting in your chair for the fortieth time trying to get comfortable hopefully for a few moments. For some Americans this is what to expect on a day-to-day basis while sitting at work, and in some countries this problem increasingly grows worse.
Now just reading that scenario sounds awful and tiring. Based on those descriptions I would even second-guess as to if I really want the chaos and discomfort of having a full-time job. Now by no means am I saying that a fulltime job guarantees late nights, angry bosses with unreasonable deadlines, and health issues. However, I am saying that clearly, there is a growing issue within many corporations that is being over looked or untreated. People need to become more informed in how their body needs rest as well as movement to have maximum results both mentally and physically. When looking to provide for employee and employer, companies could maximize results…

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