Essay on A Day At The Nurse 's Station

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(The next day at work, Elizabeth and Felix are busy at the Nurse 's Station. They hear a woman humming happily as she reaches the same area. They chuckle softly as they knew that voice anywhere. Elizabeth turns halfway around to see her friend)

Liz: "Someone 's in a happy mood."
Felix: "I wonder why."
Liz: "I 'll bet I can imagine how 'the talk ' went."

(Sabrina chuckles as she places her hands on her hips)

Sabrina: "How 'd you know it was me? You were deep in paperwork, so I know you didn 't see me."
Felix: (snorts) "Oh, please, girl! Anyone with ears can spot that voice of yours anywhere."
Liz: (nods) "He 's right. I 've known you long enough to where I have your voice memorized."

(Felix sets aside his paperwork and turns around. He folds his arms and gives Sabrina his full attention. Elizabeth does the same)

Felix: "Okay, girl. Spill."
Liz: (smiles) "How was your night with Patrick? You two got everything out in the open, right?"
Sabrina: (nods &smiles) "It was great. He apologized for taking so long to admit his feelings for me. I told him I understood being he lost Robin not too long ago." (shakes her head) "I would never force him to admit something or feel something he wasn 't ready for."
Liz: (smiles) "That 's why we know you two are perfect for each other because Patrick feels the same way."
Felix: "You deserve all the happiness in the world and I have no doubt Drake will provide that." (smiles happily) "You did good, girl."
Liz: (nods & smiles) "Yes, you…

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