Essay on A Day At The Nail Shop

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A relaxing day at the nail shop quickly turned into an interview session as I began to talk to Tsu Chong. I didn’t have intentions on using her as my interview but, I thought it would be a great idea since I would be there for a while. With her permission she agreed to let me interview her & I let her know I would be writing a paper about her she was thrilled. Tsu originated from Asia, she grew up in Vietnam majority of her childhood and young adult life. She really helped me visualize what it was like living through her eyes. Overcrowded! Was the first word out her mouth, she said the average house hold size was 10 people and the space was very limited and the food access was horrible. Tsu was raised in a not so privileged household, the family didn’t have a car so transportation was limited. Going to the store just to grab what you needed was a challenge they relied heavily on public transportation. Most people are privileged to have a car in the United States, it is almost a necessity for daily lifestyles. As she peaked into her adult life she met her a man who granted her citizenship, the couple enjoyed being newlyweds. He was in the service and he brought her to United States to begin a life she had only dreamed about she compared it to the Cinderella story. As the new family began to start a life together they immediately started building a family, she was blessed with two sons who are now her motivation and help her fight with daily obstacles like for so…

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