A Day At The Lake Essay

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It was a hot sunny day, perfect weather to go swimming at the lake. Leaving an hour early to beat the lunch traffic, a family of four loaded up all their gear and headed to San Angelo for a weekend of fun. While on the road the kids were arguing about who would be the first one in to the water. The mother was on Facebook posting about the trip, and keeping up with the latest gossip. Despite their efforts they still ended up in the traffic jam. As a desperate attempt to get to their destination faster, they ended up going through the city roads. As a result they ended up lost, and the father decided to pull out his phone and type in the directions into google maps, but he did not see the four- way stop ahead. As he ran the stop sign a truck “T” boned them on the driver side. The family’s vehicle flipped seven times. The driver and passenger on the driver side had an instant death upon impact. The mother suffered from a broken leg and countless minor injuries and the other three children were immediately transported to the Critical Condition Unit at the nearest hospital. All as a result of texting while driving.
Many view the use of cell phones while in a motor vehicle as a harmless practice. However, statistics tell us a different story. The largest problems are texting, and usage of social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. An astonishing amount of accidents happen every year due to cell phone usage, 1.3 million to be exact. (Fuller,R) The use of cellphones…

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