A Day At The Jersey Shore Essay

1676 Words Oct 24th, 2016 7 Pages
This day was like most here at the Jersey Shore. The sun was shining, the water was glistening and the sky was cloudless. It was the epitome of the perfect beach day. Everything seemed perfect, but almost too perfect. As we finished our morning workout the other guards and I waited for stand assignments of the day. As always, I was hoping to have one of the more popular streets, so my day could be a little more exciting than usual. But of course I was disappointed yet again and was placed on H street. H street is also known as the girl street. Only girl guards get placed there with the occasional man. And when a man is placed there it is usually a punishment from our bosses and our fellow male co-workers who will tease them endlessly for the rest of the day. H street’s location is also right in between two of our most crowded streets, making me surrounded by our “hot shot” lifeguards, also known as the ones who just have nice bodies and work here to pick up girls. With just my luck, I also got placed with a male guard, which was now basically punishing me. I had to prepare myself for the constant pick-up lines and sexist jokes that were going to be made by this pig. And just as expected when we were setting up our stands, they were already flirting with some girls. I rolled my eyes in disgust and just went about setting up the stand alone, because of course my stand partner was flirting with girls as well. It’s kind of funny how they do not trust us enough to make rescues…

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