Religious Narrative

tember-2017 Ding- dong, ding-dong the church bells rang. Living across from a church my whole life I had always heard these bells on Sunday mornings, but I had always wondered what was going on inside of the building. I grew up in a non-religious home. There is nothing wrong with that, it was how my parents were raised. I never attended church or had any knowledge of God. I had thought about what it would be like to attend church because most of my friends attended on a weekly basis.I spent my Sunday mornings with my family at home. As the years went on, I thought about God every once in awhile and I would wonder why I was not religious, but then I got distracted by another topic and forgot all about my previous thought. Then, one day I met a boy named Caleb. Caleb came into my life and would change it forever. One warm summer day I tagged along with my friend Renee and her family on a float trip. Renee’s family was also …show more content…
I was also excited to learn more about the Catholic religion. The day came and Caleb picked me up and we arrived at Holy Spirit Catholic church. . As I walked in the big brown double doors I saw the amazing chapel and all of the beautiful stained-glass windows that lined the Church walls. I was amazed by the chapel’s perfection. We walked in and found a pew to sit in. I sat there shaking, worried people were going to look at me and wonder why I was there, but from what I saw, no one even thought twice about me sitting there. The mass started and I was still nervous, but I had definitely calmed down since I sat down. I felt a sense of relief as everyone in the Church stood up and began to sing the opening hymnal. As the mass continued I was consumed in every little thing that was happening because this was so new to it, it was like a whole new world.} {After Mass ended and we left I was very excited because I knew that I was interested in this and that I couldn’t wait to learn

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