Essay on A Day At The High Sun

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Radiating mid-sky, was the high-noon sun, broadcasting it presents, surrounded by a unblemished blue sky, free from any oppressing clouds to filter all that the glowing ball had to offer in warmth and light. Its springtime, with birds chirping, harmonizing while utilizing the wind and the crickets as their background orchestra. A fresh new week has just begun, as it’s Sunday, and all are in their Sunday’s best, having just spent the morning at the little country church. The kids had attended Sunday school, while Mom helped teach one of the classes, and Dad spent some time with the other fathers enjoy their morning fellowship-coffee, all before enjoying together that week’s good-news message service that was to follow. The morning had been perfect, and the afternoon came rolling with intent to go just as well.
Their spot that afternoon was along the lush, swaying green, grassy meadow, with Dad playing baseball catch with Billy; he had just got his first glove and hat, needing to be broken in. Little Susie was exploring the wonders just up to the tree line, alongside a field of amber waves of grain, humming as she strolls her newest-learned nursery rhymes, plucking wild flowers and dandelions; she’s on a mission of creating the best bouquet a mother could ever wish for, with caterpillars and butterflies to compliment the flower pedals. And Mom is setting out the afternoon feast; she had floated out the red and white checkered picnic blanket, all so proper, with a meal that…

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