Essay about A Day At The End Of Every Year

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During my time spent in retail and an office environment, I have observed a common theme that happens at the end of every year. The common saying “Merry Christmas”, has been replaced with the saying “Happy Holidays”. Growing up, as far back as I can remember, the day after Thanksgiving; me and my parents would wake up and put up our Christmas tree, lights, and Christmas decorations. The last decoration that always went up was a sign that lit up and read “Merry Christmas”, that would be put up outside over our front door. It was as if the whole world was on the same page as me and my family, we would go to department stores, and outside you see men dressed up as Santa, ringing bells, and the clerks would say “Merry Christmas,” as you purchased your items. The Christmas spirit, joy, often referred to best part of the year could be felt everywhere. As years passed and I entered the work force, the once most joyous part of the year that I looked forward to, had now become the part of the year I dread it, because the joy of having a Merry Christmas, no longer existed; instead it was now replaced with Happy Holidays. I was given the task, by my boss to go shopping for decorations to decorate the office to get our clients in the Christmas cheer. When I returned to my boss to show her all that I brought, I beamed with joy to show her the last decoration that I had purchased. This last decoration reminded me of my childhood and growing up and knowing that Christmas was near, this is,…

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