A Day At The Camp Essay

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A Day in the Life at the Camp
` Everyone has a favorite place to go. Sometimes it 's a secret place, but it does not have to be. Most people like fancy things but it doesn 't take much to make me happy. My favorite place to go is a little fishing camp in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. This little yellow camp on the bayou may not be special to anyone else, but it 's special to me. There have been so many good times and memories made here. This isn 't everyone 's cup of tea because everything to be done is outside. I love it but I also love being outside. We usually fish all day, grill, and fish late into the night.But this particular memory is about fishing. I go to the camp every weekend during the summer, and it’s pretty much my life. I remember one weekend in particular. It was one of the first times I had been down at the camp. When I first got there I took my bags upstairs and excitedly unpacked my clothes. I took my fishing gear out of the truck and went to the dock. The dock is old and consists of wooden boards, there is a bench on the dock or you can bring your own chairs. The water is still and muddy, it isn’t clear and blue like you would think because it’s on a bayou after all.I told my brother “I have been waiting for this since school got out.” He laughed as I eagerly rigged up my fishing pole and threw out a line. After the first few casts I wasn 't catching anything.I fished for a while longer and still didn 't catch anything. I changed my lure multiple…

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