A Day At The Cafeteria Essay

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Wanda promised to rendezvous with her sister at the cafeteria. When she arrived at the place with the help of a guy name Theodore, Wanda saw Kate sitting alone in the table with her lunch food already on the table. “Hi,” “Wanda! Thank god you here.” Wanda went sat in front of Melanie and they having conversation about their thoughts and feelings about their first day at new school, which both of them agreed it was much better day than their previous school. “And I saw Christian... you remember him right?” Wanda asked Kate, who seemed no interest talking about that guy.. “No, and don’t talk about him in front of me. I . . . I want to tell something stupid that has happen to me today,” said Kate, her face turned red. “What,” Wanda asked. Kate leant forward and Wanda did the same thing. “Someone kissed me,” whispered Kate. “What!” bellowed Wanda and the entire cafeteria fell into silence and Wanda sure she heard a gasped from next table that she not sure why. “Don’t shout!” It took Wanda a while to calm down. This news; Melanie kissing a guy on her first day, it was very unfortunate. “Alright, I’m ready. Tell me more,” Wanda said and Melanie was breathing in and breathing out before she began told her again.

Kate said: it was happened when she entered the class room while a teacher name Sir Arthur currently teaching maths. He invited her to come in, and asked her to introduce herself to her new…

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