A Dark Side Of Technology Essay

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A Dark Side of Technology
Without a doubt, digital technology benefits and revolutionizes the world. One cannot deny the massive impact that technology has on the society, especially children. Currently, digital devices such as tablets, smart phones, etc., play a key role in children’s daily play. However, the effects that it has are complicated. It can be beneficial as well as harmful. At that age range, the children’s brains are still improving, so immoderate exposure to digital devices might negatively affect their cognitive development as well as other psychological health aspects. Even though there are numerous evidences prove the positive impact technology has on children’s development, its devastating effects cannot be neglected. It is essential for parents, teachers as well as the society to monitor the damaging consequences that technology has on the behavioral, psychological health of the youth and their connections with the family.
It is obvious to see that with its expeditious growth, technology has gradually appeared more available to everyone, even the youth. Numerous schools have incorporated computer-based technologies in the classroom settings; they believe that this powerful tool has the ability to support the children’s thinking process. In the article “The Influence of Young Children’s Use of Technology on Their Learning: A Review”, authors Ching-Ting Hsin, Ming-Chaun Li, and Chin-Chung Tsai observe the topic from a deeper perspective. Specifically,…

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