A Dark Night Going Home For A Man Essay

803 Words Nov 28th, 2014 4 Pages
It’s a dark night going home for a man in his early forties. He is driving home from work and suddenly a car pops around the curve and its bluish white headlights come into his view. The man twists his head to the side to avoid the bright headlights and is unable to see where he’s driving. There are thousands of people who experience this kind of situation every day. Hid lights are very dangerous and should be banned from owning because they can cause vision problems, car accidents, and they are a potential hazard on the road. According to James R. Healey, “About 1,800 comments have been filled to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from individuals about the blinding glare from HID lights.”(Healey) It’s very surprising that they haven’t done away with Hid lights. People have complained about these bright lights, especially at night. Unlike the yellow headlights, HID headlights are very bright and help the owners of these lights see better at night, but however puts other drivers at risk when they meet face to face on the road. Some people who have been blinded by these headlights have had problems with their eyes becoming red and sore after being blinded. HID lights should be banned because they are dangerous and cause vision problems for people who have problems with their eyes daily. “Accord to Scientist Michael Flannagan, “2,300 elderly people are killed more likely at night on the road. His 2001 study showed that elderly people are killed four times…

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