A Dark, Gloomy Day, By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe explains that on a dark, gloomy day the narrator is visiting his childhood friend, Roderick Usher, because Roderick has been ill, but when the narrator arrived he saw that the house is rather odd and unusual. Madeline, Roderick’s sister, is also ill and suddenly dies from a strange disease, making the narrator believe that the house has something to do with both of their illnesses. With the help of the narrator, Roderick buries his sister beneath the house and the narrator continues to stay at the Usher’s house to comfort Roderick because he is becoming more ill. While reading stories one night with Roderick, they notice a weird gas outside of the window and Roderick confesses that he has been hearing weird noises for a few days. As they are reading the story, the noises are becoming more realistic making them believe they buried Madeline alive, which was true because she enters the room covered in blood from trying to escape. Madeline attacks Roderick causing him to die and the narrator leaves the house immediately, as the narrator is leaving the house crumbles to small pieces, creating the story title “The Fall House of the Usher (Poe 872-84). Poe’s purpose of this story was to symbolize and discuss how evil Roderick was towards his sister, their overall health in relation to the house, and how Roderick’s illness may have caused him to become insane. Roderick’s character may have symbolized evil, even though he is suffering from illness. Poe states in the…

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