Essay on A Dangerous Period Of History : Sir Nicholas Winton

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People are known for many things. There are those who are major sports players and are extremely successful in their careers. There are some who are highly renowned musicians, and others who have made great discoveries in science, and many others. There is also a category of people who are known for being heroes in a dangerous period of history. Sir Nicholas Winton is a man who is known for being the savior of now thousands of lives across the world. Very little is known about Nicholas Winton’s life before his involvement in the Holocaust. He was actually born under the name Nicholas Wertheimer to his parents, Rudolf and Barbara, who were of a German-Jewish descent. (Howard) It was not until 1938, when World War II was starting to be imminent, that they decided to change it. Even though they English Christians, they did not want to risk going through the war with a German Jewish name. Nicholas had a friend called Stanley Murdoch who helped the family with that. They wanted to keep the “w”, so Stanley grabbed a phone book and after a while, they all agreed on the name Winton.
His family moved to West Hampstead, England where Nicholas was born on May 19, 1909. By the decision of his parents, he and his two siblings, Robert and Lottie, were baptized in an Angelical church. They were all brought up in the Christian faith. (Minac, 129) Winton is actually still alive today, reaching his 105th birthday in May 2014. He led a very private life after the Holocaust and told few…

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