A Dance Originated From Sonora Mexico Essay

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A dance originated from Sonora Mexico that is now popular in many other parts of Mexico named la danza de venado also known as the deer dance. A native Yaqui dance that is used to dramatize deer hunting in the honoring of the natural world we live in and especially those white tailed deer which were the providers for the hunters and their family’s essentials. The dance was designed to portray a deer’s graceful and active movements. The dancers wear deer heads and dress in an Indian manner as when they lived in the times where hunters wore clothes worn out of animals they hunted. When instruments are played for this song the dancers chant as if they are hunting and the dance goes on with running freely on the plains as deer’s do, jumping through the forest and also drink from a stream of water quietly as deer do. Within the dance there is a story being told it is a tradition and is what brings culture knowledge to the upcoming generations of what their ancestors went through. As the dance goes on the one who is wearing the deer head encounters a group of hunters who are about to take the deer down and the deer must try to escape from the hunters who have bows and arrows. At the ending of the dance the deer surrenders to the hunters giving up his life to them in order for them to keep living symbolizing the cycle of life. The instruments playing start to tune out slower and quieter which represents the deer’s heartbeat coming to an end. This dance is popular in the Mexican…

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