A Dance My Lady By Beckett Essay

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"A dance my lady?" Beckett asks with a glowing smile his hand extended for hers.

She giggles and takes his hand "You really want to dance with me when I 'm wearing this?" She asks her open hand gesturing to her simple half sleeved navy shirt and jeans, her usual work clothes for Happy Valley Preschool where she was a student teacher.

His eyes travel over her body slowly, his lips curling upwards obviously liking what he see 's "I think you 're the most beautiful girl I 've ever met.." He says as he finally meets her eyes again after his slow perusal.

Her cheeks turn a bright red and she can 't help but laugh "You 're a tease." She says her eyes crinkling with joy as she lightly slaps his chest before she leans into him, her head resting against his chest over his heart.

She had been astonished at the twinkling Christmas lights he had strung around her front room, An expensive bottle of wine sitting out on the coffee table for both of them to have with dinner that was currently cooking in the oven. A warm fire crackling in the fire place sending off a needed warmth after being out in the chill November air.

Beckett smiles as his arm wraps around her waist, holding her close as they sway back and forth to the soft music. The simpleness of the moment making it even more special. He presses his nose into her hair and takes a deep breath, smiling softly at the scent of his favorite raspberry perfume that she had worn for the day.

"Beck.." She whispers her voice…

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